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Training & Support

Onboarding & Training:

Once you have worked through all six steps of the Due Diligence and Discovery Process and are ready to confirm your decision to become a Bin There Dump That Franchise Operator, you will transition from working with our Development Team to working with our Super Support Team.

The Bin There Dump That Super Support team works within a thorough phased process that helps guide new Franchise Operators through all the items needed in order to get every Bin There Dump That location up and running.

    1. Pre-Training Location Ramp-Up Phase:
  • Phase one starts with a Welcome Call - an introductory conference call to introduce you to the Bin There Dump That Home Office team. Each individual on the team will talk about how they will help you to be successful in this new venture and you will be introduced to your own personal Franchise Support Coach!
  • During this conference call you will be introduced to the pre-opening manual and checklist. The checklist clearly lays out every item to be completed prior to the opening of the business. It will include things like ordering the truck and bins, getting on the insurance policy, getting websites live, ordering marketing materials, registering with the DOT, and much, much more.
  • Together, you and the Super Support Team will select an opening date and work towards completing the tasks on the checklist.
  • The Support Team will create a time frame for all members of the team to work towards the actual date of the opening of the location. The team will also schedule continued update calls with you to help keep on task.
    2. Live Classroom Training Phase:
  • The live training class is held at the Home Office approximately every 8-10 weeks and will typically have 3-5 new Franchise Operators participating.
  • Franchise Operators should plan to bring an employee or partner who will be working in the business in the role of General Manager.
  • This is an intense five day training class that is focused on the execution of the Bin There Dump That Business Model. The approach is top down, starting with a focused effort on teaching the core values of the company and the intended relationship between the franchise operator and the franchisor.
  • We continue with the actual breakdown and analysis of our Business Model, including:
  • Business Planning
  • Sales, Marketing & Promotion
  • Operating Software
  • Advertising
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Local Community Marketing
  • Dumpster Consulting
  • Estimating and Closing Jobs
  • Administrative Office Procedures
  • Managing of Finances
  • Managing of Capacity
  • Practical Truck Training
  • Dumpster Delivery Expert Instruction & Safety Training
  • Much, much more
  • We will review the General Management of the location, including:
  • Local Financial Evaluation & Pricing
  • Cash Flow Planning
  • Sales & Expense Tracking
  • From the classroom we move to an actual operating Bin There Dump That location where we take all our classroom preparation and apply it in a real life setting. At the live location, the new Franchise Operator will see:
  • The Bin There Dump That proprietary operating software in action
  • A full review of a Bin There Dump That transaction
  • Orientation of a fully equipped Bin There Dump That truck & hydraulic lift
  • Practice lifting and placing bins with the truck
  • To complete your training the new Franchise Operator or Dumpster Delivery Expert will then spend a day on a live ride along with a Bin There Dump That driver - completing truck safety checks, actual bin deliveries and pickups, and trips to the transfer stations and landfills.
    3. Post Classroom Training and Franchise Location Opening Phase:
  • Once training is complete and the new Franchise Operator is back at their location, they will be getting ready to go!
  • The Super Support team will continue working with the new Franchise Operator to ensure all items on the Checklist are complete.
  • Typically between 2-3 weeks post training the new Franchise Operator will receive their first truck and bin deliveries.
  • Websites will go live and online marketing strategies engaged.
  • The new Franchise Operator will be supported in their outside sales efforts, and connecting with the local representatives from the National Relationships program.
    4. Ongoing Support and Execution of the Bin There Dump That Business Model:
  • The final phase of support is ongoing through the business' operation. There are many ways in which the Super Support team works with the Franchise Operators to help them be successful and profitable, such as:
  • Regular Support Calls are scheduled between the new Franchise Operator and the Super Support Team to ensure that the business is off to a good start and so that any questions, issues, or challenges are addressed early and often.
  • Each new Franchise Operator will have a multi-day on-site visit with their Franchise Support Coach within the first 6 months of the business being operational. The purpose of the visit is to help ensure that the business is running efficiently and that the Franchise Operator is using all the tools available to them effectively.
  • Franchise Operators will have the option to join a Peer Performance Group. Peer Performance Groups are small groups of Franchise Operators (typically 5-8 per group) who connect on a web meeting once per quarter to share and analyze their Key Performance Indicators. The KPI's are important numbers to measure in the business, for example: average sale per bin rental, average dump/fuel/labor costs per bin rental, net profit, etc. By sharing these KPI's within the small groups, Franchise Operators can share experience and best practices, ask questions, and learn from one-another's successes and challenges.
  • Once per year, Franchise Operators join together for the Bin There Dump That Business Development Conference. This event is usually hosted in January or February (typically slower months for those in northern regions) and is a wonderful opportunity to bring the entire Bin There Dump That team together to collaborate, share in new developments within the business, inspire one another, network with suppliers and have some fun.
  • Franchise Candidates engaged in the Due Diligence process around this time may be invited to some of the conference events to meet the team in person and get first hand experience of the Bin There Dump That culture - Ask a Bin There Dump That representative for more information.
  • One of the best parts of being a Franchise Operator is having instant kinship to other Bin There Dump That Franchise Owners. It is of the utmost importance that there is a bond between team members and they can turn to one another support, advice, and to celebrate each other's achievements - both professional and personal.
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