Business Ownership and Career Transition


Exploring a franchise ownership with "Bin There Dump That" involves a simple exercise using three metaphorical cups—Making Money, Passion, and Quality of Life. This helps prospective franchisees prioritize their goals and align their values with business opportunities.

How to Find Balance in Business Ownership & Your Franchise Career Transition

Over the past several years, we've conducted interviews with thousands, guiding our franchise candidates through a simple exercise: Imagine three cups on the table before you. Each represents a crucial aspect of life, tagged as follows:

Green waste containers of various sizes, symbols of a dumpster rental franchise.
Three towing trucks parked in a row by a lake with trees, operating as part of a junk hauling franchise on a sunny day.

Let's clarify each cup or category.

Represented by a money bag, cash, and coins with a crown on top in alignment with a junk removal franchise.
Making Money

The quest for wealth varies among individuals. While some aim for affluence, others see money as merely instrumental, ceasing the pursuit once their needs are met. Reflect on your stance: Are immediate gains and rapid cash flow your targets, or do you lean towards cultivating a business with potential for future equity, such as a junk hauling franchise?

Green and white junk removal franchise truck.

The concept of passion splits into two distinct paths. One trail is for those who find joy in their work, be it the service, product, or the job itself, embracing the adage, "Do what you love, and the money will follow." These individuals often intertwine their identity with their profession. Conversely, the other path is tread by those who relish the ownership and entrepreneurial journey, where the nature of the business, even a mundane one like window cleaning, is overshadowed by the excitement of building a thriving venture. This thrill could also appeal to someone contemplating a franchise career, where the allure lies in the business aspect rather than the specifics of the operation.

A green delivery truck filled with cardboard boxes, operating for a junk removal franchise.
Quality of Life

Defining quality of life can be elusive, with its essence captured in desires for time autonomy, working alongside family, choosing collaborators, having a say in significant decisions, and steering one’s destiny. What elements would you classify as quality of life considerations?

"I want to have control over my time."

"I want to work with my family member."

"I want to choose who I work with."

"I need to have a say in major decisions, and not be forced to implement programs that I feel won't succeed."

"I want to control my destiny, and I'm willing to take responsibility for my choices."

What are some topics you would define as quality of life factors?

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A depiction of a sand hourglass intertwined with a gear, symbolizing time management, productivity, or scheduling in the context of a junk removal franchise.
"I want to have control over my time."
A person working on a laptop with a picture of a family member above, interested in a dumpster rental franchise.
"I want to work with my family member."
Two people engaged in a conversation with ideas and targets above their heads, discussing a junk removal franchise.
"I want to choose who I work with."
Four professionals representing a junk removal franchise surrounding a lightbulb, suggesting collaboration and innovation.
"I need to have a say in major decisions, and not be forced to implement programs that I feel won't succeed."
Raised fist inside a gear.
"I want to control my destiny, and I'm willing to take responsibility for my choices."
Piles of stacked gold coins arranged in a pyramid shape.

The Ten Tokens

With 10 tokens at your disposal, allocate them among the cups based on your value hierarchy. This allocation often sparks insightful dialogues, especially among partners, highlighting individual priorities and facilitating a deeper understanding of mutual goals.

This exercise illuminates the 'primary driver'—the factor that must be addressed first for the others to follow suit. For someone feeling trapped in an unsatisfactory career, passion might take precedence, leading to a significant token investment in that cup. Meanwhile, another might prioritize financial stability, viewing it as the foundation upon which other aspects can be built.

The essence of this exercise is to discern if a Bin There Dump That franchise aligns with your comprehensive considerations, ensuring a seamless transition into a franchise career that meets your aspirations. Engage in this activity with your partner or significant other and share your discoveries with us.

Disclaimer: This website is not a franchise offering. A franchise offering can be made by us only in a state if we are first registered, excluded, exempted, or otherwise qualified to offer franchises in that state and only if we provide you with an appropriate Franchise Disclosure Document. Follow-up or individualized responses to you that involve either affecting or attempting to affect the sale of a franchise will be made only if we are first in compliance with state registration requirements or are covered by an applicable state exclusion or exemption.