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Why Bin There Dump That?

Bin There Dump That is a simple, repeatable business driven by our ability to offer world class customer service.

We're the easy button in an often cluttered and confusing industry. We strive to provide a service with no hassles, consistently on time, respectful of our customer’s property with clean trucks and compact bins that fit where the customer wants them and are delivered by professional Dumpster Delivery Experts.

Our service is residential friendly and customer experience focused.

Why use a second rate service when you can go first class?

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However our dumpsters are only part of what make Bin There Dump That so unique in the market. The real differentiator is how we interact with our customers and provide an unmatched customer service experience.
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First impressions matter. No one likes calling to inquire about a service only to get the company’s voicemail or a long automated message. At Bin There Dump That we strive to answer the phone every single time it rings both during and after hours (ask us how!) so we never miss an opportunity to help our customers.
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Our Dumpster Consultants are trained to ask questions and guide our customers towards choosing the right sized dumpster for their particular project. We don’t expect people to be experts in dumpsters (that’s our job), so we also provide a handy guidebook on “Everything you Need To Know About Renting A Dumpster”.
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Once the pricing has been explained and the job has been booked, our Dumpster Delivery Expert will deliver the dumpster during the agreed upon delivery window. They will have all the information needed to make it a seamless delivery, including on which side of the driveway to place the dumpster.
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Our customers will receive their invoice via email which will show transparent pricing and should never have any surprises.
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We work hard to make the dumpster rental process effortless for our valued customers.

Our Services:

Our dumpster rental services are perfect for people who are in the process of:

Moving or downsizing
Cleaning up or clearing out
Remodelling or renovating
Doing a home project
other project
Environmental / disaster remediation

Some features of our system include:

Clean, bright and compact dumpsters that fit into spaces that traditional dumpsters are too big for, such as tight driveways, alleys and laneways. 
Our driveway protection system. Our bins never sit directly on the ground and so they won’t cause damage to our customers’ property - simple as that.
Double-door access so it’s easy to walk debris directly into the bin. This can help our customers utilize the space in the bin more effectively.
A smaller footprint - our bins are designed to take up less space in our customers’ driveway, yet still hold a significant amount of debris. We’ve built the walls taller and kept the footprint smaller so homeowners and contractors can still park their vehicles, and work around the bin while placed on site.
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