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Size Matters

Close to ninety-five percent of the Bin There Dump That bin / dumpster rental transactions are placed in a driveway. Since the franchise fee is calculated by population, we take a very hard look at the number of single family dwellings (SFD) located in the territory, as well as the median family income of the people in those houses. These are important considerations in creating a territory and we work hard to make sure that every Bin There Dump That territory we award is dynamic and robust. We only succeed if each franchise operator succeeds. Nothing is sweeter than feeling like you were treated fairly and got a great franchise territory!

Within our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) is the formula for calculating the Bin There Dump That franchise fee. This is explained in detail during the brand overview webinar and subsequent discussion or review of the details of our FDD. The Single Territory program that routinely supports a multiple truck operation would be defined as 350,000 to 400,000 populations with a minimum of 100,000 Single Family Dwellings. The franchise fee ranges from $39K to $45K. The City Builder 3 Pack Program franchise fee is $120K. This encompasses 1.2 million in population and 350,000 Single Family Dwellings.

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