5 Reasons a Franchise in the Dumpster Rental Industry Is Right for You


If you are someone who appreciates choice, then franchising in the dumpster rental industry should prove appealing for you.

There are roughly 800,000 franchise systems, across hundreds of different industries, for aspiring franchisees to choose from.

Clearly, there is an abundance of options. But how do you narrow them down?

For starters, you want to look for a franchise in an industry that offers stability, growth potential and the opportunity to make a great return on your financial investment. It just so happens that we know an industry that offers all that, and more.

Here are some reasons you should consider a dumpster rental franchise for yourself:

The North American population is growing — between the United States and Canada alone, more than 28 million new people were added to the population between 2006 and 2016, according to data from U.S. News and the Canadian Census. That’s a lot of people!

With all of these people comes a lot of waste, and they need some way to get it out of their homes and businesses. That’s why the population boom has been a boon to the dumpster rental industry. The demand is on the rise.

The Dumpster Rental Industry Is Here For The Long Haul

Even if the population growth rate steadies (which is highly unlikely), there will always be junk and waste to haul away. It’s future- and fad-proof, which makes it a much safer investment than many other industries.

Low Cost Of Entry

All franchises and new business ventures require a significant investment. However, when considering the potential return of a dumpster rental company, the investment is relatively little. That’s because there aren’t any fancy machines or expensive technologies to purchase; you just need bins and a business plan.

Of course, many dumpsters — and dumpster rental companies — are a dime a dozen, so you’ll want to choose a product and a business that offers you a competitive advantage.

Two Revenue Streams

The more potential customers you can attract, the more potential revenue you can earn. And while most businesses cater to a select segment of the market, dumpsters cater to two huge components of the population — homeowners and contractors.

In America alone, 65 percent of all adults own their homes, and there are more than 133 million housing units throughout the country. Plus, when it comes to contractors, there are 7.8 million people working in construction, and the U.S. is the second-largest construction market worldwide.

Add it all up, and there are a lot of customers that can use dumpsters!

Lots Of Revenue To Go Around

Of course, the main reason why you would go into business for yourself is to earn a great income, and a dumpster rental business can deliver. That’s because the industry is estimated to produce $17 billion in revenue, according to IBISWorld research. That big number reflects just how big of a financial opportunity a dumpster rental company can be.

Benefits Beyond a Dumpster Rental Franchise

All of the advantages mentioned above make dumpster rental companies attractive business opportunities — and a Bin There Dump That franchise is no exception. In fact, we have more than 60 happy franchisees throughout the United States and Canada, and you can see how satisfied (and successful) they are by watching our franchisee testimonials.

We’re extremely proud of our track record of helping aspiring franchisees achieve their dreams. However, we’re equally proud of the fact that we’ve done so while maintaining a focus on environmental sustainability. All of our bins and processes are eco-friendly, and we help contribute to a cleaner planet by taking waste disposal seriously.

If you are interested in making some green while protecting it, too, contact us to learn more about becoming a Bin There Dump That franchisee today.

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