How Does the Dumpster Franchise Owner-Operator Model Work?


The journey in becoming a dumpster franchise owner-operator is an exciting venture. You are about to embark on a road that may lead you towards financial opportunity and a rewarding career. If you have never been an owner of a franchise, you might find yourself unsure about how the owner-operator model actually works when creating your business plan.

In the owner-operator model, the franchisee is front and center in the direct operation of the franchise. He or she actively participates in the day-to-day functions of the business and typically acts within a management role. At Bin There Dump That, we encourage owner-operators to be hands on when it comes to marketing and sales, but also hire other employees to help with service delivery like picking up and delivering bins.

There are a number of benefits, as well as additional responsibilities, that go along with being an owner-operator of a franchise.

A Full-Time Career

Since a franchise owner-operator spends much of his or her time managing and even physically working in the business, most will discover that maintaining other employment is practically impossible. While longer than expected hours may be necessary to grow the business, it’s important to remember that hard work and perseverance are essential for success.

Choose Who You Work With

Many owner-operators choose to hire support staff and other employees to assist with the operation and management of the franchise. As an owner-operator you will have the opportunity to select your team and should provide direct supervision to ensure that your franchise runs the way you see fit.

Comprehensive Dumpster Franchise Training and Support

With the owner-operator model, franchisees are provided with the training and support required to ensure the business is a success. For example, Bin There Dump that offers a 5-day comprehensive training course for their new franchisees to ensure they know everything about their business. This training does not only involve the higher level theory of how to build a successful franchise, but also the hands on parts of the job like how to run the equipment.

Less Monetary Investment for a Dumpster Rental Franchise

Another attractive feature of the owner-operator model is that it is less expensive to grow because you don’t have to hire high-salary general managers to keep things running like you would if you were an executive, or absentee franchisee. Since you are managing your business yourself, the money that would have gone to pay for someone else’s services goes back into business.

Control Over Your Dumpster Franchise

Owner-operator franchisees will typically enjoy a more extensive amount of control over the way the franchise functions, how services are performed, and how their customers are taken care of. If you have the burning desire to participate hands-on in the growth of your franchise, the owner-operator model is likely an excellent choice for you.

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