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Who is our Competition?

Debris removal for remodeling, renovations, re-roofing, disaster clean-up, home projects and other personal reasons have fueled the need for roll-offs, dumpsters and mini-bins for years. There is an established demand and the market is mature, however it is highly fragmented. There are the big players like Waste Management and BFI that specialize in industrial projects, new home construction and curb-side pickups. In each city there are also a number of what we call the "Dumpster Dave's" - a truck driver, owner-operator with a handful of dumpsters, a cell phone, maybe a website and usually nothing more than a prayer as a marketing plan.


Part of the due diligence and market evaluation we ask of every franchise candidate is to call and interview all the competitors in your area. We believe you'll be shocked at how poor to non-existent the customer service will be, to say nothing of the complete lack of closing the sale, which permeates the industry and always gives Bin There Dump That a HUGE competitive advantage in each market.

Most people perceive that bad things happen in traditional dumpsters. They catch on fire, they smell, they are usually old rust buckets! Traditional dumpsters are huge, long whales that crack driveways and are placed far away from your project. HOA and cities ordinances are not friends with traditional dumpsters. Let's face it, using a traditional dumpster is like using a port-a-potty - sometimes needed, rarely enjoyed!

Traditional Dumpsters vs Bin There Dump That "Residential Friendly Dumpsters"

Traditional Dumpsters vs Bin There Dump That "Residential Friendly Dumpsters" Residential Friendly Dumpsters are clean, attractive and comply with most home owner association (HOA) rules. They are compact and can fit into driveways, alleys and tight spaces. They are easy to load from the rear, with double door access and do not rest directly on your driveway and won't damage your driveway. Residential Friendly Dumpsters are large enough to accommodate almost any residential clean up, move out, remodeling project or disaster restoration project, but not so large that they require a huge truck to bring them into your neighborhood. Using a Bin There Dump That Residential Friendly Dumpster saves time, money and stress. When our customers order from Bin There Dump That they will NOT get a traditional dumpster - they will get a Residential Friendly Dumpster!

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