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The Perfect Franchise for Veterans

What are few qualities that describe top performing franchise operators?: Logistics, adaptability, leadership, discipline, standard operating procedure and execution of a clearly defined mission. These same qualities describe most individuals with military backgrounds. Yes, veterans make great franchise operators!

Because of its structure, focus on systems and procedures and need for team leadership and operational excellence, veterans have thrived in franchising. One out of every seven franchise businesses are owned and operated by veterans, according to a recent study of U.S. Census data.

"Discover Why Franchises Are A Great Fit For Military Veterans"

Bin There Dump That is proud to recognize the sacrifice and service these men and woman have made for their country. We waive our franchise royalty fees on the first truck for the first year of their operation as a token of our appreciation. During the due diligence investigation, we also direct and educate veterans regarding other ways they can take advantage of special programs designed to help them. Vetfran and the SBA’s patriot loan program are two examples.


We employ a simple six step guided investigation to help a veteran decide if Bin There Dump That is for them. This is the underlying core of what makes franchising so successful - the system. Since this is similar to the structured environment that the veteran just left, it makes sense to use the same approach in setting up and running a business.

The other side of the coin for a veteran may be that they no longer want to take orders from a superior officer. They may yearn for the freedom to make their own choices and accept the rewards or consequences. At Bin There Dump That we're your partner, not your boss. You're in business for yourself, not by yourself. This balance of autonomy and support is very attractive to our franchise operator with military backgrounds.

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