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Who are Our Customers?

We're NEVER going to be the cheapest bin to rent, period. Bin There Dump That provides a premium Residential Friendly Dumpster" service at a fair price. It's about delivering VALUE - not delivering cheap!

Do you always choose the lowest priced product or service? If the answer is no, then you have the same opinion as the typical Bin There Dump That franchisee candidate.

Commercial Customers and Accounts

As you've learned by navigating other parts of this website, in addition to homeowners, many types of businesses use dumpsters, roll-offs and mini-bins. We provide Residential Friendly Dumpster service to:

General contractors Remodelers Renovators
Window / siding / flooring contractors Bathroom and kitchen specialists Roofers
Property managers H.O.A. associations Movers
Real estate brokers Fire and water restorations companies

They all use our Residential Friendly Dumpsters on a regular basis.

We want to be their dumpster/bin provider and in turn, they trust us. Why do they trust Bin There Dump That? Our prices are fair, we show up on time, we make them look good with their customers, we're flexible, and our bins fit into tight locations and closer to the actual work on the job site.

When any contractor uses Bin There Dump That services it makes their life easier, simpler. They can focus on running their business and making money because Bin There Dump That is the no hassle partner and solution. Did I mention that "people do business with people they like?"


Bin There Dump That will make any homeowner or contract service provider look good

The Ideal Customer Exercise

At our “Bin Learnin' training" we will help our new franchise operators understand the customer qualification process, which is a simple part of our system. By putting this in writing it allows our franchisees to quickly identify whom they're talking to on the phone. Is this a suspect or prospect? Is this a low priced tire kicker on the phone or someone who genuinely values service, price and reliability? Here's a sample from our franchisee in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Al Cooper.

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