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What is a 'territory' and what's available?

At Bin There Dump That a territory is a set of well-defined zip/postal codes, county lines, natural geographical boundaries and/or where the main interstate highway and roads connect. The key phrase is "protected territory". This area is for you to market, promote and conduct business in.

At Bin There Dump That we've learned that it's far better to have fewer franchise operators commanding larger, multiple territories. We're awarding our franchise opportunity to candidates that envision building a large business, controlling the entire city or parts thereof. One way to do this is by investing in the City Builder 3 Pack program. There are smaller, one or two territory markets that fit a Single Territory deal too. This a more conservative, lower investment way to grow and expand your franchise.

  • What are the current retail rates for mini-bin/dumpster rentals?
  • Is the market under or over served?
  • Is the market fragmented or saturated?
  • How many landfills and transfer stations are there?
  • What is the cost for dumping and the distance between each landfill/transfer station?

There is much more to the market evaluation and this is step three in our simple six step guided investigation process.

We have fantastic market demographics! As part of your franchise investigation we provide a detailed Market Preview for the entire area that you're exploring. This usually encompasses the greater metro areas, surrounding counties and neighboring cities.

A Market Preview has five components:

  1. A colored coded map of each section
  2. population density
  3. single family property density
  4. household Income Index thematic
  5. a summary of the population /single family dwellings.

What territories are available?

The best way to learn about what territories are currently available is to speak directly with one of our Franchise Recruiting Specialists.

To receive a call from a Franchise Recruiting Specialist, simply input your information (above and to the left) to download our free Franchise Information Kit and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions.

You can also browse through our current locations on Keep in mind that in many cases there is opportunity for more than one territory in a single city.

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