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FAQ/Quick Facts

Will Bin There Dump That Finance My Business?

Bin There Dump That does not finance the business, but we have arranged for excellent sources of financing for you to work with. Trucks and bins can be leased and we have a formal relationship with to apply for SBA financing or 401k Rollover.

Does Bin There Dump That Offer Training?

Yes. Bin There Dump That offers one week of hands-on and classroom-style learning at our headquarters. We cover everything from operations, general management, administration and marketing to truck and bin operations. We also provide ongoing support. Our support team starts working with you on your pre-opening task list even before you arrive at training and we continue to help you throughout the opening and ramp of phases of your business. An annual convention and ongoing training events will keep you in touch with the Bin There Dump That team. You have access to every member of the support team when you need us and how you need us. We understand that our ability to support you has a direct bearing on your success and our success.

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How Do Territories Work?

Territories are created based on a combination of population, single family homes and median family income per home in an area..

What Is My Monthly Royalty/Franchise Fee & Marketing Fee?

Bin There Dump That has a flat monthly royalty fee based on the number of trucks on the road. You do not pay a royalty based on your gross sales and we encourage and work with you to increase your sales per truck, effectively lowering the percentage of royalty to gross sales. There is a national ad fund that every franchise operator contributes into a trust account that is used to promote Bin There Dump That nationally, based on ideas submitted by the franchise network.

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How Much Can I Expect To Make?

That is entirely up to you! It depends on how much time and effort a franchise owner is willing to put in. At the appropriate time in the due diligence process, qualified candidates are allowed to directly communicate with our franchise operators, who can relate their own personal experiences.

What Is Bin There Dump That's Competitive Advantage?

Customer Service!! That's it. We provide a fantastic "RESIDENTIAL FRIENDLY DUMPSTER" experience in an industry that really knows nothing about how to do that. Oh yes, and we also know how to market and sell our services!

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