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Becoming a Franchise

The work you do on your own to learn about a franchise business lays the base of knowledge you’ll build onto as you work through the discovery process.

While learning about Bin There Dump That, we would recommend that you:

  1. Keep an open mind. you may be starting this journey with preconceived notions that may or may not be truly accurate about the business.
  2. Try not to jump ahead -- We’ve created our 6-step process for a reason. It’s in your best interest to allow us to take you through those steps one-by-one so we don’t skip over any important information.
  3. Keep an ongoing list of questions or topics for clarification. We want to help satisfy any and all questions that come up throughout the discovery process.
  4. Stick with it until you’re at a point where you can make an educated decision on the business. For many people the most important step is when they actually speak with a franchisee within the system. We’ll invite you to do so when the time is right, but we highly encourage you to work the steps until you have the chance to speak with a few franchisees.
  5. Start investigating financing options early. It’s always a long process. The sooner you begin getting your ducks in a row, the better.
  6. Keep your spouse, partner or potential business partner(s) in the loop. It’s always better to keep everyone on the same page rather than backtracking. Feel free to invite anyone who will have a vested interest in your business to our discussions.
  7. Please do not confuse this with a sales process like buying a house or other large expense. Franchising is not a buyer seller relationship. It is a mutual evaluation. It should progress like an interview from both your and our perspective.

This website is filled with important information about the Bin There Dump That franchise opportunity. We encourage you to work through it and learn everything you can.

If you’re the type of person who wants a quick snapshot of the opportunity, please download our Franchise Information Kit here.

And, when you’re ready to begin speaking with a representative of Bin There Dump That or have some burning questions you’d like answered ASAP, feel free to book a 15-minute introductory phone call here, or send an email to

Happy investigating!

Step 1

Initial phone call - We'll both determine if you're ready and qualified to move forward.

Step 2

Bin There Dump That Brand Overview Webinar - A 60 to 75 minutes on-line presentation, scheduled at your convenience.

Step 3

You will complete a Request for Consideration (RFC) and we will conduct a comprehensive and detailed Bin There Dump That Marketing Discussion.

Step 4

You begin the validation process whereby you will call existing franchisees to evaluate their level of satisfaction and success. This allows you to prove to yourself that the Bin There Dump That model works and makes money.

Step 5

We send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and begin outlining your exclusive territory, demographics and zip codes.

Step 6

Are you ready to meet us face-to-face at a discovery day?

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