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Becoming a Franchise

The awarding process begins as you perform a structured investigation into Bin There Dump That called "due diligence". It starts by exploring, and by downloading the Franchise Information Kit (submit your information to the left, and click submit). Once we have received your request for information, a Franchise Recruiting Representative will contact you and you'll start at 'Step 1' in the awarding process outlined below.

By the end of this exploratory process, you will know if Bin There Dump That is the right franchise for you. Think of your investigation as exploring an old submarine. You open up a compartment and explore the next part of the ship. Then, only if we both agree, do you close that compartment door and move onward to open another. Please do not confuse this with a sales process, somewhat like buying a house or rental property. Franchising is not a buyer seller relationship. It is a mutual evaluation. It should progress like an executive interview from yours and our perspective.

Step 1

Initial phone call - We'll both determine if you're ready and qualified to move forward.

Step 2

Bin There Dump That Brand Overview Webinar - A 60 to 75 minutes on-line presentation, scheduled at your convenience.

Step 3

You will complete a Request for Consideration (RFC) and we will conduct a comprehensive and detailed Bin There Dump That Marketing Discussion.

Step 4

You begin the validation process whereby you will call existing franchisees to evaluate their level of satisfaction and success. This allows you to prove to yourself that the Bin There Dump That model works and makes money.

Step 5

We send you our Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) and begin outlining your exclusive territory, demographics and zip codes.

Step 6

Are you ready to meet us face-to-face at a discovery day?

At this point, any decision you make is a good one, but we will be asking you to make one.

How to Transition From the Workforce to Your Own Franchise