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Advertising and Marketing Support

Every company, large or small has a mission statement and a list of operating values. It's a nicely framed plaque mounted on the wall in the board or conference room. At Bin There Dump That we have only two foundational operating statements:

Nothing Happens Unless a Sale Occurs

People Do Business with People They Like

That's it! Keep in mind our business model is based on these facts – Simple, Easy, Fun and Scalable. We embrace a very simple flow chart of activities, attitudes and behaviors. Everything we do is focused on getting your phone to ring.

There are three pillars that support the Bin There Dump That advertising and marketing strategy:

Bins as billboard, The Internet and Business to Business Relationships - When all three are effectively executed, your franchise will grow predictably and flourish. If one part is neglected the prosperity of your franchise will suffer. If operational efforts consume all of your time, your marketing and sales funnel will eventually dry up. When marketing efforts are systematized and sustained, the phone will ring, bin rentals are booked and everything works in balance, AKA making money!

Advertising and the North American Ad Fund

Does advertising work? Does it get the phone to ring, to generate interest in using our bin rental services? Yes it does, however it requires an adequate budget, realistic expectations, patience and a sustainable system. Since our approach is simple, this is reflected in our adverting means and methods too.

The Bin There Dump That Ad Fund is used to benefit all franchisees across the system. Paid sponsorships with Mike Holmes, for Holmes on Homes or Property Brothers on Home and Garden television are two such examples.

Property Brothers

Growing a thriving and prosperous franchise requires a commitment to advertising, marketing and executing all the factors of the Bin There Dump That system.

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